Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jobs that will go begging

Hey, students--thinking of declaring a major? According to CareerBuilder, certain programs are not producing enough grads to keep up with demand.

The upshot? Could be job security.

Here's an example from Debra Auerbach's story: In 2014, 1157,591 people graduated with degrees in computer science and information sciences. From Jan 2015-Jan 2016, 689,685 jobs were posted in these fields each month. But the average number of hires was 209,035 a month--leaving 480,650 positions open.

STEM (science tech engineering math) fields are affected, but they aren't the only ones.

Gaps between openings and those who can fill them occur in:

Registered nursing

Pharmacy and pharmaceuticals

Human resources

Electrical and electronic engineering

Mechanical engineering

Biology, general health info/med records

Legal asst/paralegal


Civil engineering

Graphic design

Almost half of employers think students just don't know this.

Again, you can check out to see what fields might be right for you.

And might WANT you.

Graphic design--I was surprised to see that one...I have worked with many designers...Fun field.

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