Monday, March 14, 2016

Look alive, sleepyhead

Oh, for heaven's sake.
According to Deanna Hartley, CareerBuilder, three out of five workers say they are not getting enough sleep--and this takes a toll in the workplace.

Only 16% in one survey said they got 8 hours. Sixty-three percent said they settle for 6-7 hours.

A full fifth of those surveyed get under 5 hours.

What's the deal here? Well, almost half say they can't sleep thinking about work.

Forty-three percents have caught someone sleeping on the job.

So how does this affect work?

A fourth said they are less productive.

17% said it affected their memory.

More than a fourth said they were less motivated.

And 13% said it made them more irritable with coworkers.

Turn off those devices and cop some Zzz's... Everything will be there in the morning--including you bright and shiny-faced.

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