Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More employers want college

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder, says 32% of employers have raised the bar in the last five years.

More than a third (37%) are hiring employees with college degrees for posts formerly held by those with HS diplomas only. Twenty-seven percent now want a master's, where a BA or BS was OK before.

Part of this is because they can--the job market has been tight--they can ask for more.

And now they are seeing advantages...

--Higher quality work--57%




--Employee retention--32%

--Customer loyalty--25%


Thirty-six percent of employers in this group also said they would not promote someone without college.

But all is not dark. Employers are also pitching in to train low-skill workers for high-skill jobs. Thirty-five percent of employers did that in 2015.

Sixty-four percent hire people with most of the skills--and train for the rest.

Forty percent of employers even send employees back for an advanced degree, and 12% pay the freight.

Time's are a-changin'.

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