Monday, March 28, 2016

"Not face" is universal

Across many lands and cultures, the "not face" seems to be recognizable as conveying a negative emotion.

It consists of a furrowed brow, pressed lips, a raised is "not" happy.

The Ohio State study (published in Cognition) says we form the "not face" with the same frequency ass we speak or sign in ASL.

Sometimes in ASL, the speaker just makes the face and doesn't sign it.

The researchers called this evidence that this face was a unique part of language.

Previously this team has identified 21 distinct emotional expressions--including compound ones, such as happy-disgusted (think Hangover movie).

Charles Darwin believe the ability to communicate danger was key to human survival before we even had language. Of course, the scientists tested this in a study.

The "not face" is composed of the furrowed brows of anger, the raised chin of disgust, and the pressed lips of contempt.

My question is--is this the same as a bitchy resting face?

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