Friday, March 18, 2016

Refresher on what to avoid in jobhunting

No, uh-uh.
Seems like I write about this all the time--but getting a job is still a big hurdle.

Arnie Fertig, MPA is the jobhunter coach.

He warns about some pitfalls you may run into in your job hunt.

You might take extended time off from hunting. There can be any number of reasons--kids home for the summer, want to travel. Ask yourself: If you were working, would you take this much time off? Taking too much time off also lets skills go stale and networking contacts to fade.

It is also a mistake to spend lots of time on job boards and applying online. Only 10% of jobs come to people who just went online and scored.

Some job hunters also spin wheels asking others what they should do (I guess that would include reading this blog).  You can put out the word to your network or on Linked In but those people may not know you well enough to know what job might be appropriate.

It is better to say--I understand ABC is looking--do you know anyone there I could speak to?

It is also a big mistake to telegraph your desperation. In a job hunting situation--it's what you can do for them, not what they can do for you! Remember that in the interview, too.

And last, it's not a good idea to apply only to dream jobs. Everyone will say follow your passion, but this may not be practical. Stick with your field, what you know best and where you have the most to talk about and offer.

Gee, sounds so easy. It's not. I know that.

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