Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Science can make working at home more productive

Even at home, you can delegate.
Science, huh? Well, that is the contention of an article on CareerBuilder by Mary Lorenz.

Apparently Stanford did a study that showed that people who work at home are more productive than those who lounge around the water cooler or half-pipe at work.

Supposedly there is science to back up each of these tips:

Create a to-do list.  Having a list on paper, researchers say, frees up your brain to focus. What's bext is a work task--not a fridge foray.

Put on pants. You can keep the jammies on and never leave your bed, but getting dressed is a focusing mechanism. I wear a nice top, jewelry, makeup, and well...some pretty clapped out shorts. But from the waist-up, I am presentable.

Turn off your phone. A 2015 CareerBuilder study showed phones are the biggest work killer. Some apps to help--Inbox Pause and ColdTurkey.,

Take a lunch or nap break, maybe both. Regroup, Eat a health lunch with protein.

Color yourself productive. Make your workspace soothing and neutral...yes, paint it.

Make some noise. Studies show you need some noise around to focus. Maybe music or a TV on in another room.

Don't isolate. Being around people boosts mood. Find a Meetup.com group, work in the library or coffee shop.

Find what works for you.

I find that wanting money and a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day--and maybe some fun--work for me.

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