Tuesday, March 29, 2016

She started young with a life plan

I look back and see that I kind of let life happen to me. Not everyone is like that. CareerBuilder writer Debra Auerbach interviewed a high schooler who had given a LOT of thought to her future.

Grace, is from LaGrange, Illinois. She went to the site called http://findyourcalling.com I wrote about a few weeks ago.

She said she definitely was headed to college. What major? Maybe something in the health sciences--physical therapist maybe or a dentist.

They asked had she gotten info on what education is involved. She said she hadn't but would like to know which schools would be best.

She liked the Find Your Calling site and found it useful.  She was surprised though that some matches were not things she thought she would be good for.

She also said the site was easy to use.

The site told her her best fit was sports medicine. She is already thinking of applying to the Univ of Wisconsin or Univ of Michigan--sports medicine.

First, she's young--she may change her mind. But she also, as a young woman, had the will to try to see her options. This all bodes well.

I am trying to encourage my own daughter to go to the site--so far, she's reluctant--I think she is afraid to get swept into a big life change...but isn't that part of life--big changes?

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