Thursday, March 17, 2016

Slow, unmotivated, burned out

Fake it till you make it? 
Brett Steenbarger, writing on, says Gallup surveys show only a third of workers are engaged in their work.

You become engaged when you can do what you do best, have a voice at work, and have someone who encourages your professional development.

Not only are these downplayed by poor management, but also by the absence of a positive emotional experience.

Joy! Happpiness, pleasure--for work or off hours?

Satisfaction. Doing meaningful things.

Energy. Excitement, optimism.

Relationships. Closeness, support.

One source in this story described her loss of "hum," her ability to stay creative. She was a designer and all the colors seemed the same and she was no longer having fun.

This is ineffective self-management, Steenbarger says.

This designer decided to say YES to more things. She played more, gave her kids undivided attention.

Play is fuel. We do best when our tanks are full.

Too much routine is stifling.

No is the enemy of engagement.

I have been feeling blah the last few days--teasing at a plot problem in one of my cartoons, wanting to get a logo for the project created but feeling I should not spend the money.

Should I say YES to something?

I don't want this to sound too Pollyanna--but probably... Hmmmm...Or should that be HUM?

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