Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Worst--and best--jobs for your health

Chad Brooks of Business News Daily, Mar 7, 2016, writes that the American Heart Assn examined the health of a sample of people over 45 years of age-measuring blood pressure, BMI, total cholesterol, blood sugar, smoking, and diet quality.

The lead scientist said people tend to have worse cardiovascular profiles as they aged, but some jobs were worse than others in this respect.

Of police and firefighters, 90% tended to be overweight or worse, 77% did not have ideal cholesterol, and 35% had high BP.

Employees in service occupations--preparing food, custodians, groundskeepeers, and personal care workers--had the second highest risk of heart disease or stroke. Eight percent of these also had a poor diet.

Those working in sales--also high risk for heart disease.

Those working in management and white collar professional jobs had better cardio health. A third had ideal body weight, 75% were at least somewhat active, and only 6% smoked.

Health care professionals, employees in the arts, sports, and media--also rated well.

The advice--take walks at lunch, take the stairs, park a walk away from the door.

Small steps, the researchers said--do not get overwhelmed.

If articles like this overwhelm, sorry in advance.

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