Friday, April 22, 2016

A bad job can lead to bad health

Some jobs, says Sarah Landrum, on CareerBuilder, are not meant to be loved. And over time, if you hate your job, it will hate you back.

You can experience an increased risk of illness. Did you have more colds than usual last winter? Crushing deadlines, everyday stress can blow your immune system. Plus--public areas, keyboards, and so on are breeding grounds for germs.


A bad job can also cause you to gain weight. A bad environment can lead to bad choices--such as getting less exercise than is ideal. You may stress eat. Cortisol from stress makes you crave high calorie foods.

A bad job can also age you. If you are hassled and overworked or constantly duking it out with toxic people, wrinkles can appear. And heart disease (excessive workplace stress can up your chance of developing heart disease by 40%). And cancer. Not to mention fatigue, leg cramps, back problems...OK, I will shut up.

Along with these can come depression, feelings of hopelessness. Showing up at a place you hate can take a toll.

And what about the air quality? This can be a low priority in small businesses--which account for almost 90% of all jobs.

If you are recognizing yourself here, maybe it's time to look for something else.


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