Friday, April 1, 2016

Maybe you and the corp culture are not a match

Ask any temp--in some offices, they fit in, in others, no.

When an organization is misaligned, says Danielle Blumenthal, Government Executive Maazine, Mar 29, 2016, it is unhealthy--and individual employees feel it.

Some signs all is not well:

--Decisions are delayed or are based on personal "gut" instincts.

--Employees are second-guessed constantly and not trusted.

--Projects are not prioritized. A lot of what takes up the day can be dumped and the company would not suffer.

--Things are not positive--everyone bitches and gossips and complains.

--In meetings, everyone plays with their phones or makes faces, while someone drones on with no agenda.

You can't fix these things on your own--but you can show a different way, set an example, according to Blumenthal..

I would say somewhat easier said than done...but you can try.

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