Monday, April 25, 2016

Senator Marco Rubio--remember him?

I try to keep politics off this site, but I noticed that Marco Rubio--late of the presidential follies--says politicians should talk more about the jobs being erased by technology.

Rubio, who received a tech policy award last week, said long-time employees are worried about their jobs being replaced and no one cares.

Of technology, Rubio says, "We can't fight it and we can't fear it."

Within the next few years, touchscreens may replace your favorite fast food worker (such as my own daughter).

But--Rubio adds--each job erased will be replaced with better paying ones--say, inventing better touchscreens. These jobs also will pay more.

I say people both try to fight this and do fear it. In reality, where people have to eat and shelter, such shifts are awful, scary and threatening.

Will my daughter move to Silicon Valley and write code for touchscreens or an app to order Wendy's from India? I doubt it.

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