Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Take heart, June grads

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder, reports that 67% of employers in their recent survey say they plan to hire recent college grads this year.

This is the highest since 2007. Up from 65% last year.

A third of these employers will pay more than they did last year--and 28% will pay $50,000 or more.


What are the skills that make you stand out?

Leadership--48% of employers surveyed want this.


Written communication--39%

Oral communication--37%

Creative thinking--35%

Project management--27%

What are the hot fields?

Info technology--27%

Customer service--26%


Business development--19%


On the money side, 2/3 of the employers said they were willing to negotiate--so don't feel like you must take the first offer.

So get moving. Check with the school's career office--they have listings you will not find anywhere else.

Follow companies on social media.

Join professional associations.

Join the alumni association.

Attend job fairs.

I am "attending" an online networking thing today--courtesy of my alumni association. I would love to network with movie people in the animation business, but if because of my advanced years, I am asked for advice, I will give it.

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