Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tips for shortening your search

Bob McIntosh is a career and LinkedIn trainer who leads more than 17 job search workshops.

He cannot guarantee you will find work in three weeks or something, but he does have some ways you can make the search less tiresome.

First--don't be afraid to ask for help. People  like to be of help. But don't just seek out people you think have connections and ask about openings. First you must help yourself--with an attitude adjustment. No one wants to help someone who is sullen and defeated.

Of course, McIntosh says, your resume and LinkedIn profile should be the best it can be. If someone on the website contacts you, don't bring up wanting a job first thing. Think connecting, not networking.

You also need to prepare. Reading the intended company's website is not enough. Try to find someone who works there.

And of course--follow up. This means a thank you note--even one on a piece of stationery that says THANK YOU from the drugstore.

And the best way to shorten your search is to volunteer, Yes, work for free. Be sure it's a place that uses your skills, not just a place you like such as an animal shelter.

Volunteering gets you into the given "industry." You will learn, meet people.

You may even get hired by the place where you voluteered. Stranger things have happened.

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