Thursday, April 21, 2016

Us poor old geezers

Should old-timers be part-timers?
Ashley Rodriguez, Government Executive Magazine, says researchers at the University of Melbourne have shown that after age 40, three days of work a week is ideal.

This, they said, is when workers of this advanced age show the highest level of brain functioning.

They did a study--naturally. They looked at 3,000 men and 3,500 women age 40 and up, living in Australia. They did three tests--memory, a reading test, and an attention/visual comprehension/motor skills test.

Those who worked part-tme--25 to 30 hours a week--fared best.

Cognitive abilities were worse for those who worked more hours--and interestingly, for those who worked fewer. They scores were the worst for those who worked over 60 hours or did not work at all.

Women needed to work a few fewer hours than men to stay sharp.

Great--another reason to cut back on workers' hours or ease the older ones out.

There can be many reasons you want the more professional and experienced older worker there even if he or she gets a little tired.

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