Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What jobseekers are SICK of hearing

Come on, you'd be a great nurse.
Nothing like good intentions to irritate the pulp out  of ya.

Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder, talks about what you might consider NOT saying if someone you know and love is job hunting.

ANY UPDATES? Sometimes in a job hunt, there are flat times, no action. If you constantly ask how things are going, it's embarrassing to have to say nothing is going. Or the jobseekers feels like he or she must come up with some excuse.

YOU HAVEN'T FOUND A JOB YET?  This is like the above--but worse. Some people get hired right away, some don't--there is no timeframe.

MUST BE NICE TO HAVE SO MUCH FREE TIME. Job hunting is full-time thinking, worry, doing. This person does not consider this free time.

ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE REALLY QUALIFIED FOR THAT JOB? Say your friend is excited about a job that is a little different from their usual--don't rain on that parade, Auerbach says. Soft skills, transferable skills may be coming into play. Clam up.

DON'T YOU HAVE ANY CONNECTIONS? Not everyone has these. You make the person feel like a friendless loser.
YOU SHOULD REALLY LOOK INTO (name an unrelated job). Example Auerbach states: You might say health care is in now. But your artist sister may not WANT to return to school to be a registered nurse.

I AM SURE YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING--EVENTUALLY. Oh, good grief, why not just say, "It will happen when it's meant to happen." So meaningless.

You know what may help? "Let's go for a drink--my treat."

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