Monday, April 18, 2016

Which type of grad are you?

Jeffrey J. Salingo, author of There Is Life After College: What Parents and Students Should Know About Navigating School to Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow. Check Amazon.

Recently he posted a long article on Linked In about how crazy hard it is to get an internship these days. They are interviewing now for slots summer after this coming one.

Another interesting aspect was his take on the three ways college grads launch into a career. He says there are three types of grads:

SPRINTERS. These move directly into full-time work related to their major or go to grad school with specific plans in mind. Seventy-nine percent had an internship during the college years. Sixty-four percent knew what their major would be before going to college.

WANDERERS. These take half of their twenties to get started in a career. Women outnumber men in college and also in being Wanderers, which are 69% women. Forty-seven percent had an internship in college or were sure of their major before going off to school.

STRAGGLERS. These spend most of their twenties trying to get going. They are indecisive and often take off time from college or go part-time. Three-quarters had no internship. Nine-nine percent have earned credits, but no degree.

Recognize yourself or your child or anyone you know?

I would say many roads lead to Rome (well, I didn't say that, SOMEONE did). One is not necessarily better or worse than the others. But you need to know the costs and outcomes of each.

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