Monday, April 11, 2016

Woofers amongst the tweeters

I get a newsletter called DC Tech and recently a writer named Ali Follman wrote about startups that allow pooches at work.

She says work can be dull--even at a startup. Dogs boost morale and get people moving around, which can stimulate thought.

She quotes a venture capital exec on this--her CEO encourages bringing dogs to work.

Also--what dog wants to stay at home alone when he or she could be trotting around halls, getting lots of pets, and rifling the lunch trash?

Not all dogs are cut out for the bureaucratic life, of course. Too much barking may mean reassignment to home.

But as one exec said--it can be like having therapy dogs all day long.

Sad face. I want another dog now more than ever.

By the way--see how that dog is splayed out--I learned this is called "splooting."

You CAN teach an old writer new tricks...

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