Friday, May 13, 2016

Aw, are the perks shriveling?

Sorry, guy--if you can't code, you're
Corinne Purtill, Nexgov, May 11, 2016, says the wild benefits for which Silicon Valley is known are proving too expensive.

You know--the climbing walls, vacation money, on-site barbers, massages, skateboard half-pipes, free meals, and so on.

In March, Dropbox informed workers they would no longer get free laundry service and shuttle bus to San Francisco. Also they could only have five guests a month for the free dinners and open-bar Fridays.

These things were setting Dropbox back $25K a year per employee or $38 million a year.

DropBox even apologized for commissioning a 5-foot chrome statue of its mascot--a panda.

Evernote has stopped it free home cleaning service.

Of course, losing a perk creates more dissatisfaction than never having had it at all.

One exec ventured that maybe the best perk of all was just doing the work.

Nice try.

I remember eating in the National Geographic's fancy cafeteria with employees there--wonderful food for about $2 a meal. Then it all went away. Sob.

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