Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Could this creep out of govt and into the workplace?

According to a story by Aliya Sternstein, in Nextgov, a top National Security Agency (NSA) official wants to track online habits of government employees at home.

About 80% of the agency's workforce has retired since 2001, and the millennial and Gen Y replacements go online a lot when they get home.

Currently, the bosses only look for aberrant behavior at work--including what they describe as "unbelievable amounts of child porn on govt computers."

Workers used to be re-investigated very five years--now they are continuously monitored.

There is even talk of issuing everyone with a security clearance a number--like a FICO number--indicating the likelihood that employee would go rogue and compromise national security with some online action or behavior.

Do they have a point?

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