Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Do you need a cover letter?

With so many people applying for jobs online, are cover letters a nicety of the past?

No, says Matthew Tarpey of CareerBuilder.

Just because employers do not ask for one does not mean you should not include one.

But what goes in a cover letter? What's so great about it?

A cover letter allows you to customize to tje job--show knowledge of the company.

In other words, you can say in your own (well written) words why you could be an asset.

Marks of a great cover letter:

--It's personalized. You line up your pluses with their needs.

--It shows your personality. If you write: I would welcome a chance to use my skills to pursue your company's goals," that is bland and boring. If you write: "I have always wanted to work for Company X, the gold standard..." that will catch someone's eye.

--It's professional--no text language or 4 for "for" and that stuff.

--And you can demonstrate your skills--say you learn from your reading of the business press that the company just merged with another...say "I have experience with the aftermath of mergers and think I can help bridge the gap between the two cultures you are blending..."

Or...something. You know best. Put some thought into it. Sometimes the cover is all the hirer reads. It better be good.

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