Friday, May 27, 2016

Don't let a bad employee control you

I hate cliches like "rent space in your head," but duking it out with a problem employee can be like letting that person move in.

Art Petty, Government Executive Magazine, writes about this.

This type of employee...

--Is a master manipulator

--Works within the system

--Finds ways to vex you with nose-thumbing ease, as Petty puts it.

This can drain your energy day after day.

This employee seems to be constantly thinking up ways to torture you. They go behind your back, spread rumors, take credit for your work, sabotage or contradict you in meetings, you know the type.

Some managers even choose to find another career, much less job, after expending time and sanity dealing with such a person. Or they become cynical and never trust anyone again.

What can you do?

After you finally get the person out, you need to reset your team, make stronger relationships with everyone.

Roll up lessons learned and move on.  One woman asked her boss what she did wrong and took the suggestions to heart.

Take another look at the organization's values--that is where the reset needs to be made.

Or maybe you need to take a break.

This is one job, one bad apple, put things in perspective. Don't let it taint your whole working life. What a waste that would be--and how happy would that employee be if he or she knew.

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