Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is art more than a workplace frill?

Karen Higginbottom, Forbes, says art in the workplace is often underplayed.

Art, she says, can have a direct effect on productivity and employee well-being.

Exeter University's school of psychology found that employees who had control over the design of their workplace were not only happier and healthier, but up to 32% more productive.

They did several studies, comparing in some workspaces that were "lean" (bare and functional) to those that were "enriched" (plants, pictures). They also looked at those where individuals designed the area and others where managers decided the decor.

Another survey done by the Business Committee for the Arts and International Assn for Professional Art Advisors found that companies (law firms, food distributors, etc) with art collections reduced stress, increased creativity, and encouraged expression of opinions.

Art seems to affect women more than men. Eight percent of the men in one survey said it had some effect on them, but all the women said it had a moderate to big effect.

One law firm wanted to add "splashes" of color. Another wanted art that was "really fun."

I like things on the wall--I can never decide which calendar I like for the year, so I put them all up. I have color pix of my cartoon characters I am developing. Beaches, animals... I like eye candy. It's not the classics, but so what.

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