Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No job is forever anyway

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder, says this is a great time to look for a temporary job. This industry is booming and is set to increase more over the next three years.

Since the recession, which we are barely out of, companies are relying more on temporary and contract employees--it gives them more flexibility.

Temporary jobs, of course, give workers less security, but security may be an illusion these days anyway. In exchange for less security, temporary workers can explore different types of work, different companies, and make different contacts.

Your market value, as a result, may increase. Those hiring for permanent positions like to talk to people who are working--you will be.

You will also pick up new skills and learn about different corporate cultures.

And--you might end up permanent. In a 2015 CareerBuilder survey, 47% of employers said they planned to hire temps, and of that number, 58% said some of those temps would work into permanent roles.

Temp jobs are not limited to data entry and admin work. A wide variety of jobs now are available on a temporary basis--to name a few, help desk, truck drivers, software developers, assemblers, nursing assistants, teachers, maids, salespeople, landscaping, security guards, telemarketers, and many others.

So don't turn up your nose at a job because it's temp.

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