Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No matter what's on your resume, employers want more

If you are looking for a job, do you feel like you are on treadmill--this advice, that advice, what to do. No one ever seems satisfied. Am I driving you nuts, too?

Mary Lorzenz, CareerBuilder, says this is a common feeling. You do and redo your resume, then you also have to fill in huge on-line questionnaires, then more often than not...crickets.

But managers and HR people also have their frustrations, she says.  More than half (53%) say they don't get enough from a resume to make a decision. This is one reason, they go to social media.

--39% of employers would also like to see your work, your portfolio.

--29% want a cover letter.

And--this was interesting--more than half also reach out directly to people when they have an opening--one more reason to build your brand and social media presence.

It also helps not to alienate employers.

--Don't apply if you are not qualified--39% of employers surveyed said this is a pet peeve.

--Don't have unrealistic expectations about pay.

--Don't lie.

--Don't check on your application too often.

--Don't submit a poorly done resume.

Ask yourself:

--Do your skills match what they want? Make this clear.

--Have you communicated your work history.

--Have you outlined your current skills, your soft skills?

--Do you know the culture and would you fit in?

--Are you asking for realistic money?

--Would you stay long term?

--Would this be a new career for you?

This is a tough job--this getting a job--isn't it?

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