Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Things nobody tells the boss

Dannielle Blumenthal, Government Executive Magazine, May 11, 2016, says if you're the boss, you may be clueless and no one will tell you.

Some things they may not say:

You don't know you job very well. You may be getting in your own way assigning busy work or any number of ways.

You aren't keeping an eye on the political climate. Your dept or work group may be on the outs, not the ins. You need to watch for this and counter it.

You refuse to think about other people's motives. Everyone operates out of self-interest to some degree. Do you see the hidden agendas?

You are afraid to admit when you are out of your league. Everyone has some drawbacks, some limits. Revealing this is the first step.

The trend is for layers of managers to be thinned--this means you need to clue yourself in all the more.

I have technology limits...I get flummoxed easily. But I stop and regroup and try to ask people who know these things...they get sick of me...but I try to be nice about it.

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