Monday, May 16, 2016

Those scamps at Facebook

According to Joon Ian Wong, Nextgov, May 12, 2016, Facebook has arranged for hundreds of kids from middle school on up to play a game it's developed--in order to find good security hires.

Apparently they are having trouble finding security people--a software job being filled in a month,, a security job taking 6-7 months.

Zuckeberg is well known for liking "the hacker way"--finding innovative ways to solve problems, not breaking into systems.

The Facebook game is called Facebook Capture the Flag. Teams compete to control the most territory, a la RISK.

But in this game, the participants must answer questions related to security to progress.

Facebook used to use this for testing applicants or seeking people in person, but now they have open sourced it.

The game has made-up bugs for the players to find--but some are so skilled they found flaws in the Facebook software itself.

Can we say unintended consequences, boys and girls?

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