Monday, May 2, 2016

Three top things Millennials need to work on

Ready for work--or
Isabella Clivilez-Wu, chief executive image strategist at Wu & Clivilez Executive Image Coaching, says the top three areas of office life Millennials need to improve are email etiquette, networking, and appearance.

EMAIL ETIQUETTE. Written communication is challenging because you can't see body language or hear tone of voice.  If it's private, don't push REPLY ALL.

--Don't mark all emails as URGENT. If something is, no one will pay attention.

--Don't write in all CAPS.

--Don't be too casual, using profanity or not checking spelling. Remember please and thank you--they are still stand-bys.

NETWORKING. This author sees a direction connection between networking and net worth. Yet, many Millennials are loners, independent, don't like making lasting connections. Texting is distancing. They like that.

--Don't become so set on meeting someone, you barge into conversations with your agenda.

--Your goal should be to leave a favorable impression, whatever is said. Don't overshare.

ATTIRE. Designer Tom Ford once said, "Dressing well is a form of good manners." By dressing well, you control the situation. They say dress for the job you want, which may be a step or two above the one you are applying for or have at present. And keep an eye on the culture of the place. Even if it's a jeans and Foosball joint, that may not be good introductory apparel.

Neutral, muted or deep colors are usually best. Women who wear two vibrant colors can look unprofessional. Skintight is bad. Don't let the girls out to play. Any shirt with writing on it--no.

C'mon, think--this is pretty much commonsense. Yet people slop around in jeans and a ball cap at the office in many environments. Or wear some hootchy mess with dangly earrings and a pencil skirt that would actually be tight on a pencil.

You can think, "Oh, but I am young and independent" as much as you want. But try to find someone to pay you with that attitude--now that is tricky.

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