Monday, May 9, 2016

What do you think is key to happiness?

At work--the key to happiness at work. Belle Beth Cooper, Government Executive Magazine, May 5, 2016, says it's autonomy--control of your destiny. Or at least control of your schedule, flow, and the chance to see your ideas implemented sometimes.

Even teams can achieve autonomy.

Studies have shown autonomy correlates to lower turnover, higher engagement, and increased job satisfaction.

It also can alleviate negative emotions, such as those felt by customer service reps.

Autonomy can even improve longevity. One British study, anyway, showed civil servants with lack of job control got more heart disease.

People, according to another study, crave economy two and a half times as much as influence.

In handing over the reins, employers should start small. Give autonomy slowly--so you don't have to take it away.

Set strategic direction--and let the employees set the goals.  Employees need to feel they are choosing for themselves.

See anything here you can use?

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