Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why is everything such an annoying hassle?

The election, getting to a doctor, controlling the upcreep in bills, family, eek.

Now--I open a new super expensive cartridge for the super expensive printer I bought because I needed a scanner--and the darn thing was empty.

Yes, a private citizen sold it to me--on eBay.

I am a huge user of eBay--more than 500 transactions to date. Usually I love it--and get keep spending down...but these dratted printer cartridges are outrageous--$25 a shot...for a month in my office?

My old Laserjet cost $20 a year for ink.

I know, I am a crabby throwback...But come on--$25 and empty?

I already left positive feedback--yes, the TWO came on time...But only one had ink in it...too late to point THAT out.

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