Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why Millennials would pick govt work

Stereotype of govt work--what's to like? 
Jerry Greenwell, Government Executive Magazine, says 60% of all federal workers are over 45 and one-third of all state and federal employees will be eligible to retire within four years.

This exodus is sometimes called "the silver tsunami."

Recently, some Millennials were quizzed on why they had worked in the public sector--or wanted to.

--Most said they wanted to make a direct impact on the community. One almost became a corporate shark, as she put it, but changed her mind.

--The advantages of the public sector, they said, included job security and good benefits.

--As for disadvantages, low pay, reduced staffs, and political interference were cited. "Money cannot be the reason," one firefighter said. Also, they said, starting new initiatives can be difficult because of lack of funding. Other turnoffs were shutdowns, pay freezes, competing for older workers and veterans for jobs, lack of full-time positions, and less opportunity for creativity.

--They recommended govt recruiters visit college campuses and participate in job fairs. Get govt leaders involved in getting people to think of govt work.

--They also recommended that govt agencies teach supervisors how to motivate and keep younger workers. Millennials like on-the-spot recognition, for instance, rather than a good review months later. Also supervisors need to institute open-door policies.

--The hiring process also should be quicker. If the process takes 120 days, you will hire who's left over, not necessarily the best.

--The Millennials also said the job descriptions for govt jobs needed work. They should inform--and inspire. Create a picture of what the applicant will contribute.

--And--of course--the govt needs to increase its online presence.Advertise on social media, the Millennials urged. Websites need to be uupdated and not look like they are artifacts of the Dawn of the Internet.

So...time's awastin'...Let's go after the new blood.

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