Thursday, May 5, 2016

Your parenting skills may be great for the workplace

Mother's Day is coming up, but this applies to fathers, too.

Good news--Rob Zaldivar, CareerBuilder, says  68% of employers think being a parent counts as relevant work experience.

Here are the skills they like:

Patience. Calming a child and calming an irate customer are surprisingly similar. (68% of employers surveyed valued this)

Multitasking. Keeping kids clean, safe, occupied, fed and clothed takes multiple skills--often at the same time. (61% recognized this)

Time management. Parents know the value of a routine. Baths, bedtime, or mealtimes--they go best if you have a pattern. (57%)

Conflict management. If you can get a kid to leave the park or leave the toy behind in the store, you can manage a customer or coworker. (51%)

Problem-solving. As a parent, you solve problems all day long. The boys put the Barbies down the storm drain outside, the toilet is overflowing, someone has a huge head bump, ER or no ER? You do it automatically. (50% of employers value this)

In fact, the kids may be the toughest customers you will face. Your skills are essential at home and marketable in the workplace.

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