Monday, June 6, 2016

Animal planning

I love animals--one time I figured out I watch seven veterinarian shows on TV--in fact, there is a new one on Animal Planet called THE VET LIFE--three young vets opening a practice in Houston.

Aimee Hosler of, writes about some beastly jobs on CareerBuilder.

Rehabilitation and conservation jobs are true passion-jobs, she says. These account for 142,000 jobs in America. Feeling it?

Many zoo and aquarium jobs also require not only passion, but strength and even courage and a strong stomach.

Zookeeper or aquarist. These people tend to the daily care of animals. They feed and water, observe them for diseases and problems, and even keep them entertained or enriched. They may also answer questions and must know their stuff. You probably need at least a Bachelor's in an appropriate field.

Animal trainer. Requirements vary--you may not need a college degree. But as with marine mammal trainers, you may need a bachelor's in marine biology or animal science. Trainers not only train animals for public performances, but form bonds so the animals can be treated medically and work with other keepers. Trainers also rehab animals for conservation perhaps to return the animals to the wild.

Zoologist. This profession performs scientific research--studying animals and their habitats. You would probably need a Bachelor's in biology or a related field. To advance, Master's would be needed--and many have PhDs.

Vet tech. Techs help veterinarians treat animals. You probably need at least a two-yr associate's degree, although a Bachelor's would be better. Vet techs are also licensed.

Curator. These people rarely work directly with animals. They plan, acquire and direct exhibits and conduct research or educational programs. Most curators have a Master's, but some places require a PhD.

If I had life to do over, I might get into one of these fields...ah, choices....

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