Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Can't nobody speak this here language?

We have a presidential candidate with about a 1000-word vocabulary.

Everywhere you go, at least here in AZ, you have the double negatives. "He don't, "she don't."

People are always doing "good" not well.

Nothing is ever anyplace--it's AT some place--"Where's it at?"

"He and I" don't take a walk..."Me and him" do.

Our old favorite "ain't" is still mixed into speech everyplace you turn.

Everyone of these is a punch to my brain--yes, I am a persnickety old jerk, but we spoke decent American English at home...None of this ear-shattering stuff.

Is it the home? How the parents were reared--and are now rearing their children. The peers? The lowest common denominator? The dumbing down of society?. The ridiculously poorly functioning educational system? What?

I ask you--what?

But I have to say--when I hear these usages, I think less of the person's intelligence, less of what they may offer in the way of an opinion. I know perfectly well many ill-spoken people were raised that way or do it out of habit and are still plenty street-smart and have a lot of commonsense.

But I have to keep reminding myself of that.

If I were still interviewing people for jobs and heard slips like these, a big red flag would go on my note pad!

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