Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Color can affect concentration

I know color affects my happiness. I love rich colors. When I had my house painted, I chose a light green, gray trim, and under the wide eaves, a bright blue. I love looking out at my eaves.

Rob Payne of the ScienceNetwork quotes researchers that say color can affect concentration.

Many students like to study in environments with pale colors--but concentration is higher when you are surrounded by reds and yellows.

They had some participants read a passage and answer some questions on it in rooms with six different color schemes.

The yellow and red room won out. Pulse rates even go up in red and yellow rooms.

However, two-thirds of the students did not think red was suitable for studying--associating it with depression, annoyance or even danger.

Still, results are results. Are we looking at more libraries with red walls?

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