Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to create a certain culture in your startup

In a story in Forbes by Brian Scudamore, May 25, 2016, some tips for creating an "awesome" corporate culture from day one.

Slack Shine--which for a "messaging company" is devilishly hard to define--started by identifying itself with cyan blue--blue outfits, one gals even dyed her hair blue.

It's managing director is a vegan, introspective, spiritual, etc--so the company reflects that.

They wanted a quirky, road-less-traveled vibe.

But with shared values.

You need to find your company's core, which will probably coalesce around passion, integrity, professionalism, and empathy--PIPE.

The Slack Shine director also understands his "young" staff. They want purpose, they ask questions, they want to know reasons for doing things. They dream big.

He said when he started in business--he was working toward buying a house. His staff is working toward ways to enjoy their lives more.

They don't sit around waiting for the weekend or vacation--they want to enjoy the workday.

This is what he aims for in the culture.

I guess the message of this company is culture can be shaped and molded--it doesn't just happen.

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