Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Male artists again in pay when they marry, women no

Some prominent female actresses, namely Jennifer Lawrence and Robin Wright, recently shined a light on the pay gap for artists.

Yes, these are beautiful well-to-do actresses with a big pulpit, but many other women's groups still decry the wage gap in the arts and other avenues of life.

Usually this discussion is immediately smothered in "it depends," "women take time off to raise kids," "it's apples and oranges," and other disclaimers. But the 79 cents versus a dollar for men lingers on.

Yet, for artists of all sorts, the gap is about the same as for women in other walks of life.

A study in Social Currents found this but identified a weird reason. For male artists, there is an earnings gain (10-40%) when they marry and have children. While they did not find the women artists with a drop in earnings as in other professions, the increase for men kept them above the earnings of women.

I think that is what the study said--it was very confusing. Somehow women came out behind.

Jennifer Lawrence, call your service...

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