Thursday, June 23, 2016

Use skills from "therapy" to find a job

She sure looks happy all right.
According to a study done at Ohio State, unemployed people were more likely to find a job if they used skills aimed at fighting depression--such as:

---Identifying negative thoughts and turning them into positives

--Planning enjoyable activities to change their mood.

Depression can accompany job hunting--so this is a two-fer.

They researchers looked at 75 unemployed people from 20 to 67. They took online surveys three months apart.

A third reported symptoms that put them in the moderately to seriously depressed category.

The respondents that used the skills were more likely to show an improvement in their depression--and report that they had received a job offer.

Even though most job seekers feel some discouragement as they look through listings and get rejected, those who persisted and used the cognitive skills to boost mood were most likely to succeed.

Basically it came down to overcoming negative thinking. You have to do this consciously--not just hope it happens.

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