Friday, June 24, 2016

Vacation trends--outings are changing

According to Michigan State's Broad College of Business, vacations are changing. The old
"put the family in the car" model is fading.

Bonnie Knutson, a professor at Broad, says people are just now feeling the recession is ending.

They want to take off--but differently than in past decades or even generations.

Multi-generational groups. More than ever, vacationing groups include more than one generation. Often grandparents finance trips.  Usually these groups have a "home base" hotel and explore from there.

Bleisure.  This is a mix of business and leisure. Usually younger travelers do this, adding days onto a business trip, capitalizing on the round trip ticket paid for by the company. Sixty percent of travelers say they have done this.

Experiential travel. The trend now is not toward luxury, but what experiences you can pack in. Experiential travel can be educational, cultural, wellness-based, or even charitable. Wellness has jumped 50% in the last year. This is things like yoga, spas, serenity retreats and the like.

Well, I have to say the old "family in the car" deal was far from serene, so people may be on to something here.

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