Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why people avoid videoconferencing

I can never get people to Skype with me.  Boo-hoo.

Michael J. Coren, writing on Quartz, cites a Zogby Analystics poll seeking to understand why people don't like teleconferencing.

They found:

--A majorityof working adults don't like remote work and videoconferencing.

--Plenty go to great lengths to avoid it.

They say the technology does not work that well and also that they are camera-shy.

Nearly half said they were more worried about how they looked than what they were saying in the conference.

 A third spent more time primping than prepping, as Coren put it.

In another random sample of 800 Americans, one in 10 said they had not put on underwear, pants or a bra for a videconference. Thirty percent of younger workers said they wore their jammies.

Still others, though, were more appalled by what people do on the calls rather than how they looked.

Eating and drinking, not paying attention, background noice, heavy breathing, and sitting too close to the camera were no-nos.

Older people were more likely to be self-conscious and feel unattractive. Men liked being on camera more than women.

One thing you can do if this is you--minimize your own image and just talk to the other person,

If you're me, though, you want to at least make sure you don't look dorky first. Or too dorky.

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