Friday, July 8, 2016

Bicycles--States encouraging their use

Next? Bike pooling?
PeopleForBikes is a Colorado-based bike advocacy group.

They are working with the states to double or triple bike ridership by 2020.

This requires infrastructure, outreach, and public engagement.

Through a program called The Big Jump, town, city and county governments can apply for funds to achieve this.

An emphasis will be placed on creating "a high comfort bike network" in each locale--this is a place where bike riders can ride without fearing an accident.

Although matching funds are not required, The Big Jump people say chipping in local funds shows support. Funding matches would be encouraged to conduct an annual survey of bike riders, travel for local leaders to attend study tours, local outreach into neighborhoods, and to bring in outside experts.

Applications must be in by Oct 28th. Go to:

My personal opinion is that quite a bit of public education might be in order. Drivers seem to assume the road is for them and some even try to keep bikes off. This can get dangerous.

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