Monday, July 25, 2016

Drugs also a lethal threat to cops

She may not LOOK dangerous.
Police officers are also employees and workers and they face many hazards on the job, as the current newspaper headlines tell us.

Brian Escamilla, a forensic chemist at a health and safety consulting firm called NES, was interviewed recently in an ad for NES.

He was asked what synthetic drugs present the most threat to first responders. His answer was fentanyl, its analogs, and other synthetics. These drugs are extremely potent. Responders can be exposed to fentanyl and become ill. A drug called naloxone has to be given, but it must be done soon after exposure or respiration can be depressed, which can escalate to other serious or deadly results.

Also, the chemicals used to manufacture drugs can be flammable and explosive. Drugs labs can erupt.

First responders should wear protective clothing and take steps to avoid both drugs and the chemicals used to make drugs. Synthetic drugs can be in the air, in the person's clothing, or any surface nearby.

Police and fire departments need training in these areas (this could be the ad part).

This may not be a hazard in your workplace--but it is in the workplaces of others.

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