Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to follow up an interview

You did everything right--nice outfit, firm handshake, intelligent questions, enthusiasm for the position--and then what?

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder, says you really need to follow up somehow and not just sit and brood.

Employers like to see enthusiasm from candidates--eagerness, even.

But you have to be careful not to overdo it--and cross into stalking or pestiness.

A simple written thank you--email or snail--goes a long way. Then wait a few days before doing anything else.

But don't send that thank you from the car on the way out. Give it some time--especially if it's email--2 days maybe.

It is even better to ask the timeline before you leave the interview..."This has been great, I so enjoyed meeting you, when can I expect to hear something?"

Also--be sure to spellcheck your thank you. Don't want to blow anything now.

And remember, this may be YOUR top priority, but the interviewer may have many top priorities. Don't get upset if even a week or two goes by.

Too, you should keep it professional. The interview might have been chatty and touched on personal subjects, but the thank you note should be pleasant and professional.

I used to try to work with a net--I would have more than one thing going at once, so each opportunity was not so life and death.

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