Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is 9-5 a thing of the past?

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder, did a survey and 3 out of 5 workers think the old 9-5 workday is history.

Nearly half (45%) work on personal time. Half of the men surveyed said they work outside formal office hours, and 42% of the women. Sixty-eight percent of IT workers and 65% of sales professionals agree. (This can vary by industry.)

This is not just a Millennial thing. Sixty-five percent of older workers say 9-5 is dated, and only 42% of 18-24 yr-olds.

But--some may just say that. 60% of those over 55 said they don't keep working past quittin' time. This is 54% for younger workers.

Could be the younger workers are more attached to their mobile technology and when the office calls, they respond.

Older people may take the long view--the boss will still be there tomorrow.

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