Friday, July 22, 2016

Is all your tech really helping you?

Don't toss all the old.
Does  your phone make you smarter? Does GPS do much a map can't do? Does your phone make you a photographer?

Jonathan Coopersmith, professor history at Texas A&M, says the technology of yore used to demand some skills to use it--skills you had to acquire, which made you smarter.

Many of the steps are eliminated in today's tech.

This has always been the trend for technology, but the pacee of this has accelerated. More people specialize in some skills and not others, more work is outsourced to technology, and more people can afford and acquire technology.

But it you learn to be a nurse, you may not learn to grow your own food--some skills are sacrificed to other skills. So we become more dependent on others for those other skills.

One drawback can be if the technology people depend on fails.

Case in point: Thte US Naval Academy is now teaching cadets how to navigate using a sextant. Just in case all the computers and GPS fail...

It is possible, Coopersmith says, to learn more about our technology and learn the basic skills of fixing and troubleshooting them.

Technology may make is more efficient and even smarter, but is it making us wise?

Good question. Even a wise one.

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