Friday, July 29, 2016

Keywords key to successful resumes

Writing in the Kansas City Star, Diane Stafford emphasizes the importance of customizing your resume to each job--including the important keywords.

Most large and medium employers use applicant screening systems--software that culls resumes.

This software is looking for keywords that match words in the listing.

If the job description says "Work Experience," use those two words. Don't expect the software to know that "Work History" is the same.

The systems also "weight" keywords. If you have more high quality keywords, you get extra points.  A service called Jobscan can see if your answer matches up to the listing.

Also put important keywords in your social media--some employers look there for candidates.


--Use acronyms or abbreviation they system may not "know."

--Don't submit your resume as a PDF. Don't use tables or graphics. Don't use unusual typefaces.

--Worry too much about length--the software doesn't care like a human might.

And forget the old "trick" of hiding lots of keywords in "white text." That does not work anymore.

A lot of this used to apply to government applications--but now it has spread to many other sectors.

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