Friday, July 15, 2016

Please, companies, don't help us so much

Oh, they just want to help. Here is a new version of your software, of your whole operating system, look at this, a new modern webpage for your old bank you use everyday.

Chase Bank decided to "update" its website, apparently. I went on in a rush--I needed to be on a video conference--and WHAAA, where was the thingie to see my "messages"--they emailed me I had one.

I looked everywhere--bottom of the page, top, middle...could not even find their phone number--no click for Customer Service. Who has no Customer Service option?

I got the phone number from my address book, called, did all the secret handshakes with the robot (I cannot UNDERSTAND you....blah blah, OK, Robbie).

Finally I got a human by wildly pressing ZERO

I ranted and she soothed in some Eastern European accent. Finally she informed me that on the upper left there were three little parallel lines--click those. I did--there were all the options...

THREE PARALLEL LINES? Is this some arcane international code?

I was frantic.

I sure hope Chase Chairman Jamie Dimon enjoys his $27 million a year salary. I am not enjoying Jamie Dimon.


Aileen said...

Haha! Aw yes, the three teensy, tiny lines. Took me quite a while to figure that out, too.
Glad I remembered your blog name - and that you are still "percolating!"

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks, Aileen...SrDem, whom I correspond with offlist, said you asked after me. I am sorry I left you sort of holding the Trump bag over there--but after almost 8 yrs, I found I was fretting over the repetition, the sort of know-nothing attitude of many there, and decided to depart. I sleep better now...stress somewhat less... Basically, I could not take it anymore.