Friday, July 1, 2016

Ready to follow your dream?

From the site Next Avenue comes a story by Rita Colorito on turning to your passion at some point in your life (if you haven't already).

One man, a retired high school teacher, enrolled in a 2-day Broadway Fantasy Camp. Three years later, he was i n professional regional theater and even auditioned for Hello Dolly starring Bette Midler.

There are several "vacations" that allow you to check out your dreams. They are designed not as an escape, but to let you check out whether you have potential.

Broadway Fantasy Camp. You can go 1 to 5 days. It's held in NY in the theater district. Participants are carefully screened so they know what will happen and the camp will know their level. You will audition, rehearse, and be in a full-cast opening number or even a solo performance. And there is a cast party at Sardis at the end. The staff are topnotch choreographers, producers, and other professionals.  The cost is $695 for one day to $4,995 for five days.

Mooseburger Clown Camp. For this one you will travel to the lakeside town of Buffalo, Minnesota. Campers over 50 make up 70% of the would-be clown population. Be prepared for 12-hour days--.clowning is serious.  You will learn all aspects--from working hospitals to birthday parties, ppetry, magic, slapstick, facepainting, juggling and more. It costs $995 plus $60 for the airport shuttle.

Sanibel Island Writer's Conference. This is put on by Florida Gulf Coast University. All are welcome for the 4-day conference--from journelers to novelists. The $500 registration includes continental breakfast, workshops, readings, cocktail hours and night time events. For another $100 your manuscript can be professionally critiqued.

Shenandoah Arts Destination. Held in Lexington, Virginia (beautiful, have been there many times), this group offers individualized courses in drawing, painting and printmaking.  You choose between weekend, 4-day, 7-day, and 10-day experiences, raging from $475 to $1,975. Meals and lodging are included--art materials are not included.

CIA Boot Camps. Cooking--not spying. CIA stands for Culinary Institute of America. These are located several places in the country. There are also seafood camps, Italian, Japanese, bread, pastry and other camps. The basic five-day camp is $2,194 and includes uniforms and breakfast and lunch each day (you cook).

CUVEE Winemaking Camp. Don't expect to stomp any grapes. Put on by the Cornell Viticulture and Entology Experience (CUVEE), in Ithaca, NY, this camp teaches winemaking from vine to vintage, as this author put it. You will learn the science and art, work the vines, make the wine. There are also field trips to the Finger Lakes wine region. And don't forget the tastings. The 5-day program is $3,076, lodging not invluded (saome reduced rate accommodations on campus are available).

Sound good? Take it from me--it's fun to pursue a passion. I am involved in developing cartoons--and love it.

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