Thursday, July 28, 2016

Schedule some "me" time at work

New research suggests that completely detaching from work at lunch can boost energy and make you more effective.

Thirty minutes of "me" time is all it takes.

Researchers at the Univ of Florida and Univ of Tennessee Chattanooga found that switching to active recovery activities such as exercise or volunteering can help you respond better to the demands of your job (Psychology, Health and Medicine Journal, third issue, 2016).

They looked at 38 early-career physicians from a teaching hospital in the southeast. Of this, 63.2% were male and the median age was 29.

The typical doctor averages an 80 hour week.

These were residents--a lot of stress, a lot of time in the hospital. They spent more time working than sleep and leisure combined.

Often they eat while listening to a lecture--still working.

These doctors had trouble detaching. Even watching TV did not refresh them.

Even if you only go to the gym for 45 mins--that time is for you.

Everyone needs to take care of themselves with some formula that works.

What's yours?

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