Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The high cost of working

You deserve a treat.
Getting up, getting dressed, gassing up the car, daycare, grabbing coffee, later grabbing lunch--this all costs.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey (Harris), the average amount people pay just to go to work is $276 a month or $3,300 a day.

Driving. Eighty-four percent of workers drive to work. Thirty-seven percent pay more than $25 a week for gas, the rest less.

Public transportation. Seven percent take public transportation--almost half paying more than $25 a week.

Lunch. Seventy-two percent bring lunch from home--but half of those who buy spend more than $25 a week.

Daycare. Among those with kids under 18, 29% pay for daycare. Of these, more than a third pay $500 or more a month.

Pet care. Fifty-eight percent of workers have a pet. More than half spend more than $10 a week on pet care.

Coffee. Half buy coffee in a given week--71% spend less than $10 a week.

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories. Nearly half said they paid $250 or more a year. One in 4 spent more than $500 a year.

I guess this isn't too surprising. I remember living in DC, I spent $10 every time I left the house--or more. It just cost to go outside.

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